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 I’m Monica Ferreira, Professional Makeup Artist, & sometimes behind the scenes assistant to the outstanding Fashion, Beauty & Portfolio Photographer Garrick Michael Wheeler! Welcome you to gmWheeler Photography’s behind the scenes blog!

So we’ve decided to start a blog, revolving around the ever exciting behind the scenes world of gmWheeler Photography, based in Johannesburg-South Africa. From a Make-Up, Modeling & Photographic point of view as well as the on shoot experience with the amazing man himself, we will give you a sneak peek into our tantalizing playground where business meets an explosion of creativity.

Lets get you feeling at home with an introduction to our artistic selves:

Firstly born in 1986, the man himself, Mr. Garrick Michael Wheeler ( gmWheeler )

The quirky, creative, passionate, fun loving, outstanding photographer & retoucher that makes the magic happen!

In his youth armed with but a crayon in hand, his creativity grew from drawings on walls to paints on canvas. Until finally it spun inspiringly into the world of focus, frames & flashes- Photography.

Realizing his talent, gmWheeler embarked on a journey which to take him through new lighting techniques, shooting methods & photoshop explorations.

Building up to the quality you now see in his work. His innovative imagination continues expanding, allowing him to further capture the essence of his every client, giving them the results they see and love. 

Myself, MakeUp Artist, Miss Monica Ferreira,

From lipstick on mirrors to finally perfectly painted lips, my Make up artistry talent became more prominently evident in my high school years, with outstandingly outlined lined eyes & neatly kept nails, there was no mistaking that beauty was in my blood. Having decided to venture into studying & qualifying with a internationally recognized certificate in makeup artistry in 2006, I had found something i truly loved- making people more beautiful.

My journey took me through many clients, until one day in 2011 i had he pleasure of meeting gmWheeler. Ever since him discovering my talents & seeing the potential, i have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I have seen ALLOT of faces, different places, and helped too produce hundreds of stunning images.

We also have the pleasure & privilege of working with a few other talented Ladies & Gents in the industry, Stylists, Assistant & Student Photographers & such, who's names will pop up now & then.

Now that all the formalities have been taken care of,lets get into our first blog shall we!

-- -- --

And here we have a little of the work we have done together...

post by Monica Ferreira

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