Monday 27 August 2012

Shooting yet again

Shooting Yet Again... & LOVING IT!

If you have booked a shoot with us at gmWheeler Photography recently,
you would have noticed that getting a booking with us may require a little waiting time until your shoot date.

The wait before your shoot can be helpful too, it gives you time to look into different ideas - 
from outfit styles to makeup & poses, that you have in mind for the particular look you want in your shoot. 
So if you are not sure of what to portray or do in your photographs, take this as your chance to explore some ideas & mail them through to us for any advice too!

If you think you may have difficulty with poses, & selecting your outfits for the shoot,
have no fear, The gmWheeler Team -  Myself & Garrick 
will be there to help & guide you throughout your shoot if you hit any speed bumps.

With the growing demand for our exclusive work, although being as busy as we are, we are absolutely loving the shooting & producing perfect pictures for each & everyone of our clients!
We thank you for all the continued support!

Here are a few peeks at some of our most recent work!

Remember to leave us your comments in the comments section below! 

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