Thursday 2 August 2012

What’s Your SuperPower? - Part 2: Walking On Clouds- How I Made Her Fly.

 What’s Your Super Power?

Part 2: Walking On Clouds - How I Made Her Fly

Yet another idea for a Super Power Shoot had dawned upon gmWheeler when he decided to create a ‘grecian goddess’ type character that would be walking among the clouds.The only way for her to get that high above the ground, would be for her to have gracefully flown there, of course.

With the idea in mind he got planning & soon the hard work was going to begin!
Garrick decided that we needed to add some stylistic flair to this shoot, & he had just the person in mind to help his idea unfold:

Introducing Miss Kaylene West, A talented Stylist:
Vibrantly alive & always stylish with an adorable presence, Miss West has an alluring eye for all things fabulous!
She started her fashion journey in 2003 in one of the fashion capitals of the world, London, working for a high profile fashion photographic studio. Later returning to South Africa in 2007 her talent for cutting edge fashion on an international level is vividly evident in every individual she adorns with her array of suited modish attire.
Miss West is a pleasure to watch & work with on shoots, her focus & eye for picture perfect, up to date fashion is surely a force not to reckoned with. Her ability to gel the photographer's vision, makeup artists talent, Clients personality, & her styling perspective is surely impeccable!

Planning all done, three creative minds working, & Miss Samantha Antonio as our gorgeous model yet again, the vision for this shoot had grown & it was time for our next Super Power Shoot to come alive.

With my work in make up already done, the studio was buzzing with Miss West getting our model into her outfit & gmWheeler adjusting the lighting. Sam looked stunning, as always there was excitement in the air as we flipped the switch on the fan & began the shooting.

Garrick Michael Wheeler

Samantha Antonio
Monica Ferreira
Kaylene West

After all the hard work had been done & gmwheelers trigger finger still smoking, it was off to post production for editing.

Here gmwheeler explains his vision & how it came all together to produce this
“What’s Your Super Power?” creative styled picture:

"Thank you Monica, well firstly we had over three hundred shots to filter through of different poses and lighting, well what can I say, it was a really fun shoot. Once the image was selected and using a background I had lying around, I began the process..."




"I started by fixing her foot, using a foot taken from another image from the same shoot. I then cut the model out making sure there was no lining around her"

"Then the model was placed into the frame and a rough sketch was made to plan where I was going with all this.
After that the trees were removed and I started extending her 'cape' "

"Once the 'cape' was completed, the rest was easy, simply matching the colours and adding focus, and blurring others"

"Once I was finally happy with it, the borders were added and also the text, and there we have it below"

Retouching In all above photographs by
Garrick Michael Wheeler

Hard work, loads of laughs & creativity- the recipe to the great result!

Special Thanks to Miss Kaylene West for her amazing styling on this shoot.

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